Is Relish Rewards a free service?

Yes it is. We do not charge you to be part of the Relish Rewards programme, so if you’re a Pallas Foods customer sign up and start earning points today!

Will I need to be registered with Relish Rewards to earn points?

You will need a Relish Rewards account to be able to spend your points and redeem rewards.

Do I have to be the bill payer of my Pallas Foods account to sign up to Relish Rewards?

Yes, you must be the bill payer of the Pallas Foods account in order to earn points with Relish Rewards.

What if I have multiple customer accounts with Pallas Foods?

If you have multiple customer accounts with Pallas Foods you must register each account separately with Relish Rewards. When registering each account you must provide a different email address for each account. This is required to facilitate password retrieval. If you cannot register a Pallas Foods account please contact our Relish Rewards customer service team

Is Relish Rewards available in Northern Ireland?

Yes, Relish Rewards is available to customers in Northern Ireland. Please note that customer exclusions apply.

How soon can I start to earn Relish Rewards points?

Once you have registered correctly with Relish Rewards and you have verified you are the bill payer through the registration email you will begin to receive Relish Reward points when you place your next order with Pallas Foods. Unfortunately, Relish Reward points will not be applied to customer accounts prior to registering with Relish Rewards.